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Review - Chithiram Pesuthadi (2006)

Naren and Bhavana in 'Chithiram Pesuthadi'

As we await the release of ‘Mugamoodi’ next month, I decided to take a walk down memory lane.. 

Mysskin made his directorial debut with this gem of a movie. Mysskin’s movies have always focused on social issues and this one started that trend.

Thiru (Narain) is a jobless young man, forced off his studies at an early age due to the death of his father. A chance encounter wherein he saves a local gangster’s son from rivals makes him a hired muscle for the local gang. With his new found income, Thiru supports his sister’s school education.

The inevitable soon happens and Thiru meets Charu (Bhavana). In Tamil movies, it is usually love at first sight or the protagonists can’t stand the sight of each other, before falling for each other. This movie takes the latter route. Charu’s father approves the match and the couple are officially engaged.

Tragedy follows soon after as Charu catches Thiru being arrested near a brothel. Charu’s father commits suicide shortly. Charu’s uncle tries his best to get her settled in life. To complicate things, Thiru’s boss wants to get Charu married to his son.
  Gana Ulaganathan and Malavika in  'Vaazha Meenu'
Mysskin also gets an excellent BGM from Sundar C Babu. The songs are OK with ‘Vaazha Meenu’ being the standout. The song is a chartbuster and had significant part in the movie’s success. Mahesh Muthuswamy has done some excellent cinematography for this movie as well.

The acting is good, but not extraordinary. Narain and Bhavana play their parts nicely. The supporting cast is adequate as well.
Mysskin with Narain and Bhavana
The real hero of the movie is Mysskin. There is a twist near the climax that is neat and very realistic. All credits to Mysskin for crafting such a superb script.

Highly recommended to fans of Mysskin and readers who would love to see a well scripted movie that does not take its audience’s intelligence for granted.

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